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Aloeride Extra Strong is a unique food supplement that brings valuable nutrients to the table that you cannot get from any omnivore, vegetarian or vegan meal. It is created totally different to other by-mouth aloe vera products, giving you proven better aloe vera nutrient levels as well as costing you less. The valuable nutrients are preserved but also all the laxative molecules are carefully removed (hence non-latex), that is how Aloeride helps digestive health where other aloe vera products would definitely aggravate. Aloeride is virtually taste-free because it comes in vegetarian capsules, very useful that is for children and adults alike. Because of its potency and purity, Soil Association certified organic Aloeride is recommended by leading healthcare providers.

Pure aloe vera powder is by its very nature Kosher, Halal and suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans. As some people specifically ask this, Aloeride is gluten and lactose free, there are no traces of nuts in it either.

Benefits declarable under UK implemented EU Legislation*:

  • Aloe vera is known to support gastrointestinal health and function.
  • Aloe vera is known to help maintain healthy skin.
  • Aloe vera is known to support the immune system.

What makes Aloeride stand out from the multitude of aloe vera juice and aloe vera gel products

  • Aloeride contains a non-latex form of aloe vera that has had the aloin effectively removed.
  • Aloeride is hypo-allergenic, free of additives, colours, stabilisers, fillers and flavourings.
  • Aloeride provides way more aloe vera working solids (upwards of 2.6x more mg/mL, the maximum difference measured to date is astounding)
  • Aloeride does not give you the water that makes up 99.5% of aloe vera juice and aloe vera gel
  • Aloeride has a vastly superior aloe vera polysaccharide profile (more molecules in – aloe vera industry standard measures 5 groups – all their different lengths, each of which has a different function)
  • Aloeride is certified organic by the Soil Association and DEFRA.
  • Aloeride comes in vegetarian capsules, it is suitable for vegetarians, vegans and is suitable for all religious considerations. Vegicapsules makes Aloeride very child friendly because it won’t be subjected to the horrid aloe vera taste; the vegicapsules can be opened very easily in case you decide to use Aloeride powder on its own.
  • Aloeride comes in handy blisterfoil so you can carry it with you and take Aloeride whenever you want; please store those packs/foils you do not yet use in a fridge as all food (supplement) keeps fresher that way.
  • Aloeride gives you a much bigger bang for your buck (1 pack of Aloeride gives you all the goodness in 2.4 litres of its original aloe vera juice and then there are our discounts some of which have worldwide free postage).
  • Aloeride is the ideal alternative to aloe vera juice and aloe vera gel, ideal for people who want to give aloe vera to youngsters or who themselves dislike the taste of aloe vera juice and gel.

If you would like to order, you can ring 01858 464550 under mention of "Ester's Place", or click on the image on the right, and go straight to the website. You can chose from a single pack to 6 packs (with progressive discount and freepost on the 6-pack). And of course I have stock as well.


*These statements comply with current European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) generic Article 13.1 claims under the European Regulation on Nutrition and Health Claims made for foods (NHCR). The following statement was verified by the Health Food Manufacturer’s Association for current EFSA and MHRA legislation: Aloeride® is an exemplary aloe vera food supplement providing concentrated aloe vera juice powder made from Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller organically grown under optimal conditions. Independent laboratory tests have shown the quality of the polysaccharide profile of Aloeride® and have demonstrated the quantity of the principal ingredients.



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